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  • Neil Dimelow

Welcome to my website

I am in the final stages of completing a new series of drawings of 15 places in Manchester. The places were prompted in part by the music of Dmitri Shostakovich- specifically his 15 string quartets. The months of lockdown gave me the opportunity to develop a different way of building a colour response to the drawing and the location.

These are details from the (almost) complete work.

This is a panorama I made from City Tower in the centre of Manchester. With the support of Bruntwood, and Phil Griffin the work was exhibited on a series of banners in their ground floor atrium.

360 degree panoramic drawing

I grew up in North Wales and have loved drawing as long as I can remember. I trained as an architect and moved to Manchester in 1993. I love the city. My children were born here, and now attend high school here. I have drawn the changing city for nearly 30 years, and staged many exhibitions in that time.

Thank you